FP-AS510 patent AxleSense paddlewheel flowmeter

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PCB wet process | Panel industry | Semiconductor | Water treatment | Food Manufacturing | Dyeing | Chemical industry | Waste water without large particle

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Made in Taiwan and featuring the patented AxleSense technology,
Inspected and proofed by SGS, RoHS compliant, the FP-AS510 has a measuring range that doubles that of other brands, which allows for the detection of any disappearance of the paddle which tends to cause zero-flow problems, on top of large indicator lights and a large screen that allows for more convenient on-site supervision.


The Patented AxleSense Technology

Patent received technology – LORRIC improved upon the conventional design of placing the magnet on top of the paddle, creating a unique patented “AxleSense paddle”. On top of that, LORRIC redesigned the flow measurement algorithm, thus introducing the new patented “AxleSense” technology, which allows for a substantial upgrade in the sensing capabilities of extremely small flow rates, as well as the immediate monitoring of any paddle abnormalities.

A wider flowrate detection range
(0.15 m/s~10m/s)In traditional paddle wheel flowmeters, the sensing magnet is placed on top of the paddle, which means that during low liquid flow speed phases, flowrate detection has a large margin of error, even to the level of not being able to detect any flow at all. LORRIC’s paddlewheel flowmeter employs the patented AxleSense technology which shifts the direction of flowrate detection, which means that even under low flow speeds, any paddle movement will be accurately sensed, as well as maintaining a low margin of error for flowrate monitoring, which in turn provides the user with a more extensive application range.* The lowest flow rate may be slightly different due to factors such as piping diameter and fluid coefficient.

An active smart mechanism for the detection of flow problems that arise from paddle disappearance

A flowmeter’s inability to detect flow may originate from problems in the pump, pipes, the equipment itself, or because of problems of crystallization, wear and tear or fracturing of the paddlewheel flowmeter that may cause the paddle to be damaged or fall off. LORRIC’s patented AxleSense technology actively detects any paddle abnormalities and offers clear information for the on-site manager to see, and will not simply display a passive “zero-flow” notice. Regarding industry 4.0 users, LORRIC’s paddlewheel flowmeter’s detailed information can be integrated with the factory’s management system, which helps on-site workers to solve any flow problems even faster.

Bidirectional flow detection

LORRIC’s patented AxleSense technology uses the paddle’s direction to detect the flow’s fundamentals, while at the same time supplying direct information about the flow direction inside the pipelines. This in conjunction with integration with the factory’s management system, makes on-site management more convenient.

Large green, orange and red alarm indicator lights

  • Large bright LED screen allows for data monitoring at any time from far away, which saves the need to constantly check the screen from up close.
  • Green, orange and red indicator lights: Red – Major abnormality; Green – Normal operation; Orange – Non-urgent data display. This system’s big advantage is that no matter how far the user stands from the screen, the changing indicator light’s color can clearly indicate the status of the equipment and whether any abnormality occurs.

Exclusive LCD/LED double screen design, double screen monitoring
Currently in the process of filing for a patent trademark in the whole world

  • Double screen display: LED-5 digits LED/LCD 16×3 LCD backlight display
  • Large bright LED digits display screen for flow observation: LED’s brightness is best suited for long-distance monitoring. Because of limited display space – numbers are better suited than words. In LORRIC’s design philosophy, we chose to line up a large LED screen to display mostly numerical data for flow monitoring. This allows the users standing further away to clearly observe the immediate flow conditions without the need to get closer.
  • LCD screen best suited for the display of more complex text-based details: Software interface, screen clarity, and button design all contribute to a superior more convenient installation experience, especially at times when attempting to use small narrow spaces for flowmeter installation. LORRIC’s paddlewheel flowmeter’s LCD screen can be used for the task of installation and setup, as the LCD screen’s ability to display more detailed text makes it easier for the user to clearly identify all needed options, thus contributing to smoother and quicker flowmeter installation process.

A three-pieces design tailored to conform mainstream market specifications

  • LORRIC’s paddlewheel flowmeter’s three-pieces design of device, paddle set, and pipe, matches common market specifications. When wishing to replace the pipe, it is possible to replace the whole flowmeter set, allowing for more accurate flow detection, or in circumstances when the pipe cannot be replaced, it is possible to simply continue using the old one and save on the pipe replacement costs.
  • The paddlewheel’s paddle can be replaced on its own.

LORRIC’s machined T-connector pipe is made sturdy and durable. The pipe’s interior wall has stable dimensions, no warping and no leakage. It has a complete and seamless surface.

LORRIC’s T-connector pipe:

  • Our machining process turns an extruded plastic bar into a delicately machined durable T-connector pipe.
  • The pipe’s size is stable and reliable.
  • The pipe wall is smooth and not warped. (This reduces turbulence and produces higher accuracy.)
  • The plastic injected by turning has higher strength than the injection product, and there is no encapsulation, short shot, and bonding line.

Other brands’ T-connector pipe:

  • The average T-connector pipe is made by plastic injection molding.
  • The thicker the part, the greater the shrinkage, causing the surface of the pipe’s wall to be uneven and wavy (see the middle T-connector photo). This leads to inconsistent cross-sectional areas of the pipe and turbulent fluid, which further affects the calculation results and is prone to leakage.
  • In addition, the common encapsulation, short shots, and inevitable bonding lines of injection products are structural weaknesses (see the middle T-connector photo), and they are easily damaged from these positions with long-term use.

Other important properties

Daily accumulation of positive/negative/net flow volume for the past 14 daysWhen concerning basic non-manufacturing facilities, generally speaking, no PLC system monitoring should be undertaken – LORRIC’s paddlewheel flowmeter provides accumulated monitored data regarding several kinds of flow: Positive flow volume, negative flow volume and net flow volume. You have the option to set one of these to have 14 days’ worth of its data stored (up to 10 numeral digits can be displayed simultaneously). At the same time, thanks to the added extra battery, even in cases of power outage, data and dates will still be kept in order.

The screen can change direction according to the pipes’ alignmentWhether your pipes are horizontal or vertical, LORRIC’s paddlewheel flowmeter’s header, screen and display panel can all be adjusted according to the pipes’ direction, making for convenient flow monitoring under different circumstances.

Comparison with flowmeters with other various principles


Variable area flowmeter Paddle wheel flowmeters LORRIC’s
Paddle wheel flowmeter
Electromagnetic flowmeter Ultrasonic flowmeters
Pipeline loss Low Low Low No No
Non-invasive install No No No No Yes
Precision Middle Middle Middle High High
Bidirectional flow detectable No No Yes Yes Yes
Blockages Possible Possible Possible Not possible Not possible
Applicable fluid Air / Liquid Liquid Liquid Conductive liquid Liquid
Cost Lowest-costs in small diameter pipe, cost increases with pipe diameter Low-costs, cost increases with pipe diameter

Low-costs, cost increases with pipe diameter

High-costs, cost increases with pipe diameter Middle-costs Cost does not increase with pipe diameter


Mechanism Specs Measurement Specs User Interface
 Installation method in-line (Pipe segment) Applicable fluid maximum dynamic viscosity 300cSt ** Language English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese (Others customizable)

Fluid in pipes



UPVC:0~50 °C (32~122°F),
For higher temperature, please use PPH or PVDF or 316L Stainless Steel*
Applicable fluid Clear, oil or chemicals with less impurities (<1%) Unit

Metric:Litre, cubic meters, meters

Time:second, minute, hour, day

Imperial:foot, Cubic foot, Uk gallon, US gallon

 Device working environment temperature -10~60°C


Linearity ± 0.5 % FS (>0.3m/s)
T-connector adapter UPVC Gluing adapter(ASTM, JIS, DIN),
UPVC internal and external thread adapter (BSPT and NPT),
PPH / PVDF insertion welding fitting, UPVC / PPH / PVDF Spigot (See order example below for details)
Reproducibility ± 0.4 % Display Double screen display :Large 5-Digit LED,

16×3 3-Color Backlight LCD display

OR tolerance ± 2.5 % OR
T-connector diameter  DN15-65 (½” to 2-1/2″)  Measuring principle  Paddle Wheel Display digits LCD 5 Digits (4 digits when negative value)LCD 10 Digits (Not including sign and decimal point)
Paddle material PVDF or PPH with embedded magnet + ceramic bearing and shaff Flow velocity range ± 0.3~10m/s Can extend to ± 0.15m ~ 10m/s ***
T-connector material UPVC / PPH / PVDF (Made to order)/ 316L Stainless Steel Operation button 4 Key touch buttons
Power supply DC 12V to 36V 100mA Transient data Instantaneous flow velocity and flow volume Wired communication

Self-powered Analog output 16bit 4-20mA (Device after HW1.3)

Modbus RTU RS485 Two-line

OCT switch signal

(ship with 2 meter cable)

Response time < 0.5 or 1 second Cumulative data

Positive and negative net flow volume accumulation,

past 14 days and long time accumulative net flow volume

Waterproof level IP66 * Calendar function battery CR2032

* IP66: The IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Marking, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against access to hazardous parts (e.g., electrical conductors, moving parts) and the ingress of solid foreign objects.The second digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against harmful ingress of water.


First 6 stands for dust tight: No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight). A vacuum must be applied. Test duration of up to 8 hours based on air flow.


Second 6 stands for powerful water jets: Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

** The device is calibrated with normal temperature water. Fluids with different viscosities may have different results, and may also change the minimum and maximum flow velocity.

**The flow velocity range may be slightly different due to factors such as piping diameter and fluid coefficient.

UPVC pipe – union diameter size(mm)
 ½” 164 100 27.6 36 62.3 46.2 115.7 86.2
¾” 168 100 32.6 41.9 62.3 50.5 115.7 85.7
1″ 168 100 40.6 50 62.3 60 115.7 85.7
1¼” 210 114 50.2 59.6 65 75.6 127 89.2
1½” 218 120 56 65.7 70 83 134 92.5
2″ 269.5 133.3 72 81 81 99.7 148.8 99
UPVC pipe – spigot pipe diameter size(mm)
2½” 160 70 76 92 106.5 152.5
Device size(mm)
63 63

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