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Optical Displacement Sensor : O2DS Z (2 & 6 kHz) Scanners

  • Updating frequency: 2000kHz
  • Scan frequency: 10/5 sec
  • Repeatability: ±0,03

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The O2DS sensor is an optical measuring device for non-contact precision measurement in two dimensions. The measurement is performed by oscillating the triangulation plane over 10° (max. 50°). A fine collimated or focused laser beam is diffusely reflected from the surface of almost any kind of material or fluid, and a CCD- camera records the image through an objective. This makes it possible for a Digital Signal Processor to calculate the (radial) distance from the centre of the mirror axis to the object surface, as well as keeping track of the angular reference position.

The O2DS measuring system is a compact unit where optics, CCD-camera, and digital signal processing electronics all are integrated in the sensor housing. The schematic drawing to the right shows the O2DS 130 scanner seen from the side. It is here indicated how the triangulation plane, with this orientation of the scanner, can sweep (maximum) from minus 25° below the horizontal X-plane up to plus 25° above the horizontal X-plane. The distance data is available with a measuring frequency of 2 kHz as a digital signal, and presently for Windows applications only.

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