5 major applications of the ultrasonic distance sensor

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Ultrasonic sensors offer the most reliable and accurate solutions to measure distance, position, and levels. As the name implies, these sensors use high-frequency sound pulses or waves to detect the distance of an object precisely. The ultrasonic distance sensor is highly robust, accurate, and economical. From the automobile to food processing, these sensors are extensively used for their unparalleled performance. In this blog, we will talk about the top 5 applications of ultrasonic sensors.

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  1. Object detection

One of the biggest applications of an analog ultrasonic sensor is object detection. In modern industries, this is extensively used to detect the accurate position of an object in powdery, solid, or liquid media. Apart from that, many automobile manufacturers and engineering companies are manufacturing fully autonomous & self-driven vehicles. Both self-driven and human vehicles can incorporate advanced driving assistance by using ultrasonic distance sensors to measure distance.

2. Distance measurement

Another major application of ultrasonic sensors is distance measurement or detection. These sensors emit a high-frequency pulse and receive it back to measure precise distance. The measurement is highly stable, accurate, & used over larger distances. This feature Help automobile drivers to prevent collisions with other objects or vehicles on the roads. Ultrasonic sensors are also ideal for parking as they can accurately monitor the distance between the vehicles & parking walls or other objects & alert to stop.

3. Diameter detection

Apart from distance, ultrasonic sensors are also used for diameter detection in many factories. Basically, they help to ensure that the production line moves precisely. Ultrasonic sensing is mostly used where newspapers & magazines are widely produced. These sensors can measure precise roll diameter within a range regardless of material hardness, type, or color. Aside from printing factories, ultrasonic sensors are also used in converting industries, foil & film plants, metal processing industries, pulp & paper manufacturing plants, etc.

4. Sag detection

Ultrasonic sensing technology ensures that conveyor belts, wires, and cables used in engineering or manufacturing industries are positioned accurately. When the cables or wires sag, the line of production becomes slow or stops abruptly. Hence, the ultrasonic sensors detect its function accurately. These sensors can maintain a higher degree of precision, this means, they can detect flaws seamlessly. During the sag detection process, they can’t be affected by dust particles.

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5. Level detection

Ultrasonic sensors are also extensively used in food processing industries or plants, where food items are continuously produced. These sensors use high-frequency sound waves to measure level, volume, & flow accurately. They are mainly used to measure water levels, viscous fluid levels, flow rates, and bulk solids. High-quality ultrasonic level sensors come with top-notch field programmability. Within a few seconds, you can match all parameters of the sensors perfectly and get unparalleled performance.

Other applications include: 

  • Counts drinking bottles on the machines
  • Controls trash assembly & collection
  • Detecting presence
  • Helps industrial forklifts for detecting pallets
  • Detects people to count purposes
  • Loop control
  • Unwind & winding control
  • Detects vehicles in an automotive assembly
  • Contouring or profiling
  • Wire break detection
  • Stacking height control
  • Robotic sensing
  • Inkwell level detection

Final words

With non-contact precise measurement functionality, the ultrasonic sensors will give you the ultimate solutions. Moreover, they can monitor distance in any weather condition. For the best ultrasonic distance sensor, you can rely on Gordy’s Sensors. Their premium quality sensors with analog output ensure the maximum level of accuracy and top-notch performance. The feature-rich sensing technology detects the position of any object at any state whether it’s solid, or liquid. The company offers a vast range of measuring, sensing & monitoring products that fulfil your industry needs. They assure guaranteed products at the best price.

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