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A flow switch occasionally called the flow indicator or sensor, is a typical mechanical device that is utilized to monitor the flow rate and pressure of liquids, air, or gaseous medium through a duct system. Such unique sensors or switches can be the perfect gadget to track the flow over a specific time. These flow switches function by sending trip signals to another device, like a pump, within the system, directing the system to turn on or shut down, thereby safeguarding it from defacements and for cooling circuit protection purposes.

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Such metering flow switches are accurately designed with adaptable set-points to create and break the electric current in a circuit board. Thus, these flow switches help in determining, whether the flow is above or below a certain level, which is called the set point, which can be either fixed or adjusted, based upon the specifications of the particular instrument used in the process. Hence, to gain precision-guided quantifications of liquid or gas, it is always sensible to order such flow switches and meters from any reliable industrial instrument supplier such as Gordy’s Sensors.

What distinctive premiums are catered by varied types of flow sensors?

Calorimetric Flow Switches

These types of flow switch help to measure specifically in case of the presence of granulated components in the flowing liquid that can contaminate the mechanical devices of flow switches. Such flow switches do not possess any movable parts, and function on the standard of thermal conductivity of the flowing liquid or gas. These switches are extensively utilized in oil mediums, along with water, glycol, DI water, chemicals, and an assortment of other processing mediums. Besides, they can effortlessly track very low flow rates and are not affected by overflow conditions in the flowing media.

Paddle Flow Switches

This kind of flow switch is customarily utilized for simple flow tracking for flow or sans flow circumstances. Such Paddle flow switching devices are mechanical gadgets that need no internal power to function and are perfect for clean medium, devoid of any particulate substances that can hamper the normal flow movement, and affect the paddle or movable gears to stick together. Additionally, these flow switches are quite useful for flow medium degrees up to 230F, and higher, along with pressure limits up to 3500 PSI, or greater.

Variable Area Flow Monitors

These flow switches are known as Variable Area Flow Meters, offering a cost-effective approach to monitor the flow rates, which includes the quantitative flow data evaluation, along with a broad rearrangement of flow switching trip points. Such flow switches permit very low flow rate quantifications, and a varied process connecting sizes from 1/8” up to 2” NPT, or more. Besides, they do not need internal power to function and can be easily set as basic impediments for perilous locations.

Mass Flow Rate Sensors 

Such flow rate sensors are also called mass airflow sensors, wherein such switches measure the flow volume or rate of fluid or gas traveling through the duct or pipe. It quantifies the flow by justifying the mass per unit time, and functions on the Coriolis concept. Thus, such a flow indicator measures the precise transfer of energy from the thermal surface to the flowing fluid, which can also be a highly mucous one.

Order the easy to setup and cost-effective flow switches and meters from Gordy’s Sensors

Velocity Ultrasonic Flow Switches

These flow switches are also called transit time ultrasonic flow sensors and are commonly utilized in paper and pulp production, tank farming methods, along with other facilities management. Such flow switches can conveniently function at high temperatures and pressures and are capable to determine the flow of liquid with ultrasonic signals focused on a set of mirrors.

Final Verdict

Reckoning with the integral upsides catered by the top-of-the-line flow switches and metersfrom Gordy’s Sensors, it will be quite a judicious proposition for the industrial users to select their choicest types, sizes, voltages, and functions of flow sensors, amongst the varied options to obtain cost-effective industrial productiveness.

Justifying their reliability, Gordy’s Sensors is the specialist for supplying high-end branded monitoring, quantifying, and sensing flow switches with over 14 years of holistic experience. Their flow indicators are extensively applied in steel manufacturing and wastewater treatment plants.


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