Mitigate the possibility of malfunctions by using MTS linear position sensors

MTS linear position sensors

Nowadays, production in the factories can be made nearly maintenance-free, while considerably mitigating the potentiality of operational errors and machine downtime by using the latest industrial machines. One such unique device is the magnetostrictive linear-position sensors that deliver optimum reliability in operations and applies contact-free non-wearing measurement technology. Such sensors are utilized for measuring position and quantifying the stroke of hydraulic cylinders. In this context, the ferromagnetic substances used in such sensors are easily alterable metals of cobalt, iron, and nickel.

These linear position sensors render highly precise measurements, along with greater adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and near-zero maintenance. Hence, it is judicious to order these MTS linear position sensors for optimal performance of industrial equipment in diverse industries such as wood, plastic, and steel.

What Are The Basic Features Offered By Magnetostrictive Linear Positioning Sensors?

Maintenance-Free Quicker Operations

These magnetostrictive sensors functioning on contactless technology come with maintenance-free benefits. It brings forth precision-guided positional accuracy up to 20 microns, and measuring cycles as faster as 100 microseconds for distinct manufacturing industries of steel, wood, and plastic. Besides, such unique sensors, especially the E&G series deliver enhanced cost savings, with augmented speed, adaptability, and performance.

Highly Productive In Rugged Industrial Environments

Again, these sensors are designed to lessen the vibration and shock during applications, due to their non-contact operations. Besides, it offers a highly durable stainless steel design, and generates high-end adjustability during its operations, even in the most rugged manufactory zones. Moreover, the sensing devices are not sensitive to any pollutants, as well as being optimally water-resistant, and designed with a protection class of up to IP69K.

Find precision-guided position measurements with negligible maintenance by using MTS linear position sensors catered by Gordy’s Sensors

Few of such linear position sensors are also available with dual shielding features and also aid in the segregation of the internal mechanics for increased protection against electromagnetic interference. In addition, such sensors can withstand vibration and shock effects of up to 30 g and 100 g in a few models, while delivering optimally accurate output. Besides, such magnetostrictive sensors are not susceptible to mechanical abrasions and resultant performance degradation, as they function with unique non-contact technology.

Moreover, such linear positioning sensors function on the principle of magnetism. Such interacting magnetic fields showcase the output value that alters as the movable magnet transits along with a one-of-a-kind sensing component, known as a waveguide. Hence, as there is no mechanical contact, there is simply zero mechanized wear and tear, resulting in generating increased shelf life of the device with unmatched performance.

Precision-Guided and Achievable Measurements

Moreover, such one-of-a-kind sensing devices aid in providing enhanced performances, along with packing adjustability, increased speed, and optimal savings. In this context, the position measurements are done in multiple motion axes in a reduced timeframe, therein assuring heightened productivity with optimal quality and preciseness.

With such exclusive multi-positioning sensory utilization, it can monitor nearly 20 magnet positions via a single sensor. Bringing in precision-guided measurements, the sensors deliver positioning adjustments of +/- 20 microns, and with 1-micron resolution. Thus, such linear non-contact sensors bring forth gentler functions, while nullifying the functional downtime and maintenance charges, thus proving to be highly cost-effective for industrial users.

Availability of Diverse Choices

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, these top-of-the-line magnetostrictive linear position sensors are available in a distinct assortment of choices. Such sensors can easily be programmed to the relevant industrial functions, along with stroke lengths of approximately 50-7620 mm. Again, these sensors deliver different output types of PWM, Profibus, EtherCAT, Powerlink, SSI, Devicenet, analog, and CANbus.

Final Verdict

Looking at the benefits delivered by the MTS linear position sensors, supplied by Gordy’s Sensors, it is optimally advisable to select such highly functional contactless mechanical devices that can help you easily provide precise position measurements with negligible sustenance.

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