Order MTS linear position sensors with ease of maintenance and faster operations

Obtain absolute precise measurements in extreme conditions using MTS linear position sensors catered by Gordy’s Sensors

With the advent of cutting-edge technology, the ultramodern industrial equipment comes with almost zero maintenance operations. Supported with such modern automation, such machinery can significantly reduce the machine layoff and functional inaccuracies. One of such high-end devices rendering contactless measurements and negating the costly expenses in the process is the magnetostrictive linear position sensor. These high-end sensing devices deliver optimum accuracy, reliability, adaptability, and feasibility in quantifying the position of the hydraulic cylinder strokes.

In this context, it is to be noted that the ferromagnetic materials utilized in these sensing tools are made of easily modifiable metals of iron, nickel, and cobalt. The device offers absolute positional accuracy to the range of 20 microns, and with measurement cycles as swift as 100 microseconds. Thus, it becomes worthy for the industrial clients to procure such unique MTS linear position sensors from Gordy’s Sensors for gaining optimized efficiencies in discrete commercial operations.

How Do Gordy’s Sensors Prove To Be The One-Stop Solution To Buying Position Sensors?

Rendering absolute precision-guided measurements with increased reliability in the harshest industrial applications, the cutting-edge magnetostrictive linear position sensors from the reputed Balluff GmbH are supplied by Gordy’s Sensors. These robust linear position sensors are made with completely water-resistant, shock-retardant, and vibration-proof stainless steel.

Besides, they are exclusively designed for IP69K class protection, while such sensing devices can endure high-pressure cylinder applications of up to 1000 bar. Such one-of-a-kind autonomous sensors help to prevent oxidization and come with nearly endless serviceable life. Moreover, with computing lengths of up to 7620 mm, these linear position sensors can easily function in temperature extent of -40°C to +85°C.

What Primary Benefits Can Be Gained By Opting For Magnetostrictive Sensors?

Swifter Zero-Maintenance Operations with Accurate Evaluation

Such magnetostrictive linear sensors operate with contact-free technology, wherein they come with zero maintenance. Besides, they deliver optimum positional preciseness up to 20 micros and rapid measuring cycles of 100 microseconds. Utilized in different assembling industries of plastic, steel, and wood, these linear sensors, specifically the E&G series render optimum versatility in applications along with increased cost reduction and increased velocity.

Such sensors offer high-end performances with multi-position usages, in which case as many as 20 magnet positions can be monitored by a single sensor. Rendering highly precision-guided measurements, the sensor linearity correction delivers for acquiring +/- 20 microns or more and 1-micron resolution. Besides, these sensors come with enhanced shock and vibration resistance. Moreover, offering dynamic positional measurements with several motion axes, such linear sensors assures augmented yield with maximum preciseness of quality. In addition, such sensing devices nullify sustenance costs and functional layoff, while delivering feasible and smoother industrial positional measurements.

Highly Effective in Harshest Industrial Areas with Varied Options 

The magnetostrictive linear sensors aid in resolving productivity setbacks, as they come with contactless and completely stainless steel designs. These high-end sensing devices are not reactive to water and pollution. Besides, they are also capable to withstand the harshest industrial applications, while bringing forth highly stabilized and accurate output for certain models up to 30 g and 100 g relating to shock and vibration.

Moreover, these linear position sensing devices also possess a unique double shielding, and also help with the detachment of internal electronics for enhanced electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection. In addition, such unique magnetostrictive sensing devices come in discrete outputs of Powerlink, EtherCAT, Profibus, CANbus, Devicenet, SSI, PWM, and analog and stroke lengths of about 50 mm to 7620 mm.

Winding Up

With 14 years of groundbreaking exposure, Gordy’s Sensors come with optimally effective and contact-free mechanical devices of MTS linear position sensors that guarantee industrial clients highly accurate positional measurements, even in harshest conditions.

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