KLT Thickness Gauges

Complete range of gauges: single point, multipoint and scanning

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Complete range of gauges: single point, multipoint and scanning

Heavy-duty mechanical frames for harsh industrial environments with high-level protection for optoelectronic components.

Automatic calibration systems on certified samples.

Intuitive operator panel for real time display of measurements in graphic and digital form.

Automatic data report shared on local network.

Data and signals exchange on any type of fieldbus for automatic processing lines.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Metal Strips, Slitting lines, Cut to length lines, Levelling lines, Galvanizing / pickling / finishing lines

KLT SINGLE POINT thickness gauges
To measure one point near the edge or up to centerline.
Gauges can be installed on a fixed position or on a linear axis for manual or automatic movement from the parking position to measuring point. The out of line parking position allows to safely insert the material before the positioning of the gauge at the measuring point.
The gauges throat depth has a range between 100 to 1100 mm, according to the selected model.

KLTn MULTIPOINT thickness gauges
To measure two or more points at the same time on the same material section.
Typical configurations can be with only two measuring points nearby the material edges or with a third centreline point.
In this case, the central point is always fixed and the external ones can be moved according to the material width change.
For application which needs a higher number of measuring points, it is suggested to also consider the KLT-scan models.

KLT-scan SCANNING thickness gauges and combined thickness & width gauges
For continuous measurements of thickness profile along full material width. The measuring head automatically moves from one material side to the other side providing the thickness measurements at as many points as necessary in the specific application task. The measuring head is normally in a protected parking position, thus allowing the safe material insertion.
Standard gauges are available to process materials up to 2200 mm in width and up to 20 mm in thickness. For wider or thicker materials, contact IFELL technical service.
Two options are available, specially designed for slitting lines:

MULTISTRIP MODE, that allows to scan the full material width and to display the individual measurements of each slitted strip both as operator interface and as separated control reports.
2ND the combined gauge KLT-scan-MW that allows to measure both thickness and width of pre-spaced strips, obtaining a double function in the same gauge.

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