The 3 most prominent reasons to order the MTS linear position sensors

MTS linear position sensors

Derive quicker operations and easiness to sustain functions with reduced machine downtime only from the MTS linear position sensors that are immune to contamination.

With the emergence of the latest technologies, these times the production process in industrial plants can be made almost sustenance-free, and this reduces the possibility of machine layoff and operations inaccuracies. One such cutting-edge device delivering contact-free precise measurements, while neutralizing the hefty overheads is the magnetostrictive linear position sensor. These one-of-a-kind sensors are applied for measuring the accurate position, and the stroke of hydraulic cylinders.

Thus, it bestows absolute positional preciseness to the extent of 20 microns, along with measurement cycles as quick as 100 microseconds. In the process, the ferromagnetic materials utilized in these sensors are effortlessly modified metals of iron, nickel, and cobalt. Besides, such sensors deliver higher feasibility, versatility, and negligible maintenance. Therefore, it will be quite imperative to order such MTS linear position sensors from Gordy’s Sensors for hassle-free industrial operations, whereupon they can be deployed in assorted industries of plastic, steel, and wood. 

Let’s go through the distinct rationales to opt for the magnetostrictive linear positioning sensor:

  1. Highly Feasible and Accurate Measurements 

With exclusive multi-positioning sensors, the device can track almost 20 magnet positions through a single sensor. Likewise, it bestows heightened performance, versatility, and enhanced speed. The precise positional measurements were monitored via multiple motion axes with a decreased timeframe. Such precision-guided quantifications can be delivered with optimal positioning modifications of +/- 20 microns, along with 1-micron resolution.

Moreover, these linear positional contact-free sensors offer hassle-free operations and neutralize the functional layoff and sustenance charges; hence it is feasible for industrial applications. Additionally, these magnetostrictive linear positional sensors are applied in discrete industries of steel, wood, and plastic. Among such sensors, the E&G series furnishes optimal adaptability in usages, in addition to enhanced velocity and cost reduction attributes. 

Derive absolute accurate measurements with almost-zero sustenance with the MTS linear position sensors supplied by Gordy’s Sensors

  1. Optimally Effective in the Most Extreme Industrial Zones 

Again, such linear position sensing devices are exclusively modeled to reduce the impacts and shuddering during industrial usage, owing to their contactless operations. Composed with an optimally resilient stainless steel layout, the sensors bring forth high-end versatility in their functionality, even when used in highly hostile manufacturing areas. Besides, such unique sensors also come with dual shielding technology, while assisting to categorize the internal mechanism for heightened protection against electromagnetic obtrusion.

Some of the designs of such linear position sensors can easily endure impacts and vibrations of up to 30 g and 100 g while bestowing highly precise measurements. Modeled with a safety class of up to IP69K, these sensors are highly moisture-proof and are not affected by contaminants. Again, such linear sensors are not vulnerable to any mechanical wear and tear, and consequential performance deterioration, owing to their contact-free operations.

Functioning on the principle of magnetism, these linear positional sensing devices portray the output value via its interacting magnetic fields that can be easily modified. Such alterations are possible, as the portable magnet moves along the unique sensing segment, called the waveguide. Thus, with no mechanical contact, the sensors deliver a heightened mean life and seamless performance in diverse industrial operations. 

  1. Comes With Assorted Options 

In addition, such top-of-the-line magnetostrictive linear positional sensing devices can be ordered in a diverse assortment of options. Besides, these unique linear position sensors can be effortlessly preset to the requisite industrial applications, which include a stroke length of around 50-7620 mm. Moreover, such exclusive sensing devices offer discrete output types of EtherCAT, Devicenet, PWM, CANbus, SSI, Profibus, Powerlink, and also analog. 

In A Nutshell

Furnishing 14 years of pioneering specialization in supplying high-end monitoring, sensing, and measuring industrial products, Gordy’s Sensors is the one-stop platform to order MTS linear position sensors. Such innovative contactless mechanical devices can be highly effective in delivering precision-guided positional measurements with minimal maintenance, even in the most inhospitable environments. 


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